About OrthoCAD

Dr Chidambaram, PSA to the Govt of India

The OrthoCAD Network Research Cell was established in 2007 to jump-start indigenous research and development activities in orthopaedic reconstruction systems. It is supported by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt. of India, New Delhi. The R&D team comprises mechanical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons and materials scientists from IIT-Bombay and other organizations.

The OrthoCAD Network addresses a critical need for mega-prostheses to reconstruct massive gaps or loss of bone from osteo-sarcoma (cancer), congenital (birth) defects or trauma (accidents). Osteo-sarcoma is mainly observed during growth spurts in children, and primarily occurs in long bones such as the femur, near the knee joint. Limb amputation in such cases results in life-long handicap. Mega-prostheses provide a superior physiological and psychological solution. Imported prostheses designed for the Western population are not suitable for the anatomy and functionality required by Indian patients and are unaffordable to the majority of our population. The other projects are underway.

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