Engineering Team
Profile MDOF Laparoscope
Sritam Rout
Ex Sr. Project Technical Assistant
BETiC Lab IIT Bombay

Sritam comes with a B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering (Hon.) from IIT (BHU).He was awarded the 'Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award' for designing a Touchpad for malignant tumour detection and imaging.

He work in developing a Multi degrees of freedom laparoscopic instrument in Collaboration with Dr. Suresh Deshpande, Swarup hospital, Kolhapur.

Additionally, he is also working on a laparoscopic endo-retractor device project, in collaboration with Dr. Rasik Shah of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

MDOF is been technology transferred to an Indian company ?Eclipse Instrumentation Pvt(l)Ltd

Novel Laparoscopic Instrument provides an additional degree of maneuverability, reducing the risk of tissue damage and surgeon fatigue.

Development team includes Sritam Rout, BETiC, IIT Bombay; and Dr. Suresh Deshpande, Swarup Hospital, Kolhapur

Current status: Rapid prototype has been fabricated and undergoing function testing.

Patent filed: S. Rout, R. Ghyar, S. Deshpande, B. Ravi, "Multi Degree of Freedom Laparoscopic Instrument".