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Vikas Karade
PhD Scholar
BETiC Lab IIT Bombay
Vikas holds a B.Tech+M.Tech+PhD from IIT-Bombay. His PhD research involves development of an algorithm named as XrayTo3D which can generate 3D model of bone from its 2D X-ray images. The algorithm is being used to develop tablet based orthopaedic surgery planning software - Tabplan3D.

His work won the GYTI-2014 award, President's residence In-Scholar award and DST-Lockheed Martin IIGP -2015 award.

Now TABPLan Software is been transferred to a startup company AlgoSurg that he founded in JAN 2016

XrayTo3D program reconstructs 3D models of bone from just one or two X-ray images. Unlike CT-based models, this involves much less radiation and cost.

Development team includes Vikas Karade, PhD Research Scholar, and Amit Maurya, BETiC, IIT Bombay, with inputs from Dr. Manish Agarwal, Hinduja Hospital

Current status: The algorithm has been implemented in TABPlan, a tablet-based software for planning surgeries related to knee arthritis and bone deformities.

Patent filed: V. Karade, A portable system and method for 3-dimensional surgery planning using conventional 2-dimensional x-ray images