OrthoCAD Project

The OrthoCAD team has developed a modular rotating-hinge total knee prosthesis suitable for Indian population, and evolved a manufacturing route to achieve high quality and economy. The prosthesis components are available in a range of sizes, which can be inter-changed to match the anatomy of a particular patient. The design has been validated by an integrated approach combining computer aided analysis, rapid prototyping, and knee simulators. The manufacturing route combines rapid pattern fabrication, investment casting, CNC machining and super-finishing to achieve high geometric fidelity, smooth finish, and superior properties. Innovative instruments, such as femoral jig and tibial jig have been developed to ensure ease, speed and accuracy of prosthesis implantation. A 3D surgery planning software ensures correct part selection and accurate implantation. Several major hospitals in India have come forward for the clinical trials of the prosthesis.

Innovations at OrthoCAD Lab:

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